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tv   Karen Handel Delivers Election Night Speech  CSPAN  June 21, 2017 1:36am-1:59am EDT

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long hours every day and she has lifted me up every evening and shown what true partnership is. so, thanks you, alicia. >> now, the winner in the georgia special election talked to supporters at headquarters in sandy springs.
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>> thank you. i have to start i saying thank you. there are hundreds of people to electedd scores of leaders who put their confidence a me and i will probably miss few, but there are several who stepped up, including my good and my hometown mayor,
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jerry. thank -- you know, i aid that this was going to be very tight race and it would be contentious and require all hands on deck and that is exactly what we had. from all of the others who were the competitors, including several here tonight, thank you for your help. member of the congressional the legation are
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officers and legislators. very close friend, senator saxby chambliss. i need to thank paul ryan and so many of the members across the country who united to help us hold the six. a special thanks to the president of the united states of america.
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and, the great vice president, mike pence. i think that it is appropriate to take a minute to acknowledge a new friend i made over the course of the campaign, steve scalise. he would drop me a text message every single week to make sure i was doing ok and hanging tough. that one.sure about what happenedly,
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on the ball field was a terrible continuend we need to and makep the nation sure we have a more civil way to do with our disagreements. in these united states of ever feelobody should threatened over their political beliefs and physicians. i say this in regards to both aisle.f the political
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through the campaign, i have had the joy of getting to know .eaders in washington even though, within our own family, we sometimes have disagreements, these are fine men and women who are doing their best for the country. i am really honored to stand before you and i am humbled. most big things are not accomplished by one person alone and had a tremendous amount of support in this campaign.
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this is a really great campaign team. give them a hand. the individuals on the ground hours knockings on doors and making phone calls in some of the hottest days. through it all, everybody persevered and then, there is this guy. this man is my heart and he tells you is my number-one
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supporter and i can tell you that he has been my number-one supporter and there are no words to say how much in love you. a little while ago, i had the opportunity to speak with john ssoff and i wish him and alicia the best in the new life they are starting. now, tonight, tonight, tonight,
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i stand before you extraordinarily humbled at the privilege and the responsibility that you have given to me to represent you in the house of representatives. do -- we have had a legacy of tremendous leadership and tom price, who is the and johnnyf hhs and the former speaker, new encourage.
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the statesman have created date shoes to fill and will do my level best to live up to the standards they have set. extendst my commitment to everyone of you and, while we may have different beliefs, we are part of one community. the community of the sixth district. work just as hard to earn your confidence in the coming weeks and months and i promise you that i will work every single that to make the state and the country and better place.
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pledge is to be part of the governing.d focus on issues we areous facing in this country. i think i may be one of the only, chamberhe and io serve in congress know that i am one of the few to have come out of local office as a formeran and eight secretary of state. do and a lot of work to a lot of problems to be solved.
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we have to do a better job for the economy to. paying's and we have to do more for creating joe ups in the small business community. we have to make sure that we move forward with comprehensive tax reform. rates, but also lower individual rates for the middle class to participate and the small businesses to participate and a permanent repeal of the death tax.
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toour veterans in the room, our veterans in the room, we have an obligation to you as a nation and i have an obligation to you as the next congressman themsure that we provide with the resources they need to do the joe we are asking them to do. the obligation extends when the and duty is over to them their families so that we meet their commitments to them. i have said this before multiple
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times on the camp came trail. unusual and i am a pretty unlikely junior congressman from georgia. thiser expected any of growing up in a turbulent home, leaving home at 17 and going to work. i could have given up and let the circumstances i was facing dictate the course of my life and i did not. i believe that our life experience are would build our core, and itt our is that fighting spirit that i itl take to washington and
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will be the driving force for you as i represent you. so many have lifted me up in the tough days of my life. a truly great nation that afforded a young girl the opportunity to grow up to be whatever it is she wanted to be. i am very aware of another obligation that comes with the voters.
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a girlng thduring the campaignt named sophia who is a beautiful eight-year-old girl and she had been following the race and told a mutual friend how much she thought i should win. here's what she said to me.
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win, it says can to every eight-year-old girl that she can do it. while my name was the one on the i believe that tonight is not about me it is about those who are young and not so young. i was told that they could not do it and there are the ones who are always counted down and out. tonight reminds me that anything is possible with hard work, great, and people who believe in you.
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thank you. victory is for you and everybody in the sixth district. it is for everybody with a dream. somebody said something. she believes that she could and she did. friends, we did. celebrate and, tomorrow, the real work will begin.
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will do it in a civil and responsible way that is in the best interest of every citizen senderica as we prepare to george's first republican woman to congress. you. you and god bless >> washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. reformvidson on gop tax proposals. partisanak on the
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gerrymandering case. cohen on the russian investigation and his call into the trump foundation. be sure to watch washington journal and join in the discussion. >> sunday night, rachel snyder and an economics professor detail how companies manage money and how american families cope in a world of uncertainty. >> they risk of small decisions going badly is so much higher for those at the bottom. wealthy people make poor
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spending decisions all the time. i can come up with some from me in the last year. consequence for me is minimal. for those who are struggling, it is really big. income anda story of , between 2009 and 2011, it was to milliontime, but americans reported during that americaird of experienced poverty at some moment in that time. it means that we have to think about what is going on. watch on c-span two book tv.
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>> patrick shanahan is the nominee to be defense secretary. divest alld to do best all ties to the boeing company. this is 1.5 hours.


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